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Most Common Questions and Their Suggested Responses:

Prepare your responses. Tell me about yourself. What do you know about us..

Tips on How to Market Yourself to Advantage During Interview:

Be enthusiastic. Don't fidget. Speak Clearly..


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Tips on How to Market Yourself
to Advantage during Job Interview

Be enthusiastic: Convey an approach appropriate amount of enthusiasm, warmth and sincerity - you want your interviewer to know that you want the job. Be positive, avoid negative topics and don't vent hostility. Remember to smile.

Don't fidget. Try to relax
. No matter how nervous you are, do not clench your fists. Avoid fidgeting, scratching, playing with objects such as pen or jiggling the change in your pocket. You want to
appear calm and professional.

Speak Clearly.
Don't mumble or drop your voice to a whisper towards the end of your sentences. Modulate your voice pitch - monotone answers will give the impression that you have over-rehearsed your answers or, worse, make you sound dull and uninteresting. Also, try to avoid slang and colloquialisms such as
"you know"

Communicate effectively. Mirror the style and pace of your interviewer. Answer forthrightly and stop when you have answered the question. Do not over-elaborate with details or anecdotes, and try to ramble or interrupt. If you do not know something, say so. Clarify a question if you do not understand it. Listen before you talk and think before you speak. Show how your strengths and aspirations align with the company's goals, drawing on your research into the company or specific elements of its mission statement or business plan. This tactic will help the interviewer identify your fit with the organisation culture.


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